Ben is a leading expert on digital propaganda

With over a decade of experience tracking the online influence operations of jihadis, white supremacists, and autocratic states including Iran, Russia, and China, Ben's research on Russian and Chinese online information operations has appeared in Bloomberg, Reuters, Newsweek, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Euractiv, and has been targeted by Sputnik, while his work on the dark web forums of the Taliban, the Shabab, AQAP, and AQIM was featured in AP, CNN, and AFP.


Ben currently serves as CTO and President of Omelas, a firm dedicated to preserving democracy against the disruptions of the internet age, and as a fellow at the Center for European Policy and Analysis. Before Omelas, Ben was President of Code To Inspire, a nonprofit that taught Afghan women to code and find work online, and a consultant for Google where he played a lead role in removing ISIS content from YouTube and establishing the Redirect Method, a digital CVE effort. Ben's deep technical knowledge of data architecture and machine learning allows for uniquely extensive and original research and analysis. Ben speaks Arabic, French, Farsi, and Russian.